The year is 1562….
The continent of Ravenhilt is slowly becoming consumed under the banner of the Lunan Empire. The Imperials strike with the a new forms of weaponry and dominate all that resist. Since the year 1550 they have nearly tripled the size of the boarders of Luna, welcoming all  if the Emperor's law is followed.

But in the town of Falcres five strange adventures have taken residence. Visions in their sleep brought them to this small city just on the boarder of the Lunan. A prophecy of ruin within 10 years time, it starts here with them… 




Varis Wood Elf Monk 4 Alive
Wrath Tiefling Warlock 4 Alive-ish
Heavy-Metal Warforged Bard-Fighter 1/3 Alive
Halis Wood Elf Cleric 4 Alive
  Tiefling Paladin 3 Alive





Star and Void

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