Star and Void

Touch of the Void
A Prayer to all

4/19 of the year 1562

The Mindflayer, Kal-tai, raided the town of Falcres to find and kill a certain Dragonborn….
Despite our best efforts… he was successful and the town was in ruins.
We buried the dead and start our search for answers.

Bad Luck

4/16 of the Year 1562

Varis was kidnapped while on a job for the Warriors. The timing couldnt be worse, considering we just killed the leader of the House of Haven. The local government is in shambles.

First day

4/4 of the Year 1562

We found a home to stay in, and together we are pursuing enlightenment to defend against a day we know will come. 

  • The Tieflings (Wrath and ####) joined the Mages circle for work.
  • The Wood Elf Monk (Varis) join the Warriors, a mercenary group.
  • The Cleric (Halis) and the Bard (Heavy Metal) join a Local Government House, the House of Haven.



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